Location !

Close proximity to shopping, commute, and most Bay Area cities!

Our close proximity to most of what folks find important in daily wants and needs, such as shopping, restaurants, entertainment, commute, public transportation and other localities, positions Bay Breeze as a convenient destination launchpad for work, pleasure or daily living.



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Family friendly, community environment!           

 Maintaining minimum standards and careful tenant screening provides a community of respectful neighbors and a feeling of community!

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Management & oversight!

Professional, experienced and caring management!                 

Our tenants matter!  Their satisfaction, safety, happiness, and how they are experiencing living at Bay Breeze are of the highest priority.  From park maintenance to tenant concerns (which are rare) these types of management tasks are handled with the utmost importance.

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Welcome to Bay Breeze Rv & Mobile Estates in Vallejo Ca.

Bay Breeze is an RV community that maintains a laid back casual living environment for RV'ers looking for a place to call home.



Get in touch with us !

If you are considering RV living and need a space to call home, please contact us;

Call us at 707-276-6816, or email us at Baybreeze1300@gmail.com.