Bay Breeze is an RV park people can be proud to stay at.

Located in Vallejo, Bay Breeze encompasses several benefits to RV’ers!

  1. Location. Our central location puts us in great proximity to commute, work destinations, amenities, and the rest of the Bay Area.
  2. Professional management that cares. We pride ourselves on looking out for the comfort and safety of our tenants. We strive to provide a nice environment for our tenants that they feel good about coming home to.
  3. Maintaining standards.  Our management works hard to ensure that tenants at Bay Breeze experience an environment where neighbors respect  others privacy, quiet enjoyment, and personal space and follow park rules ensuring the happiness and comfort of all tenants.
  4. Safety and piece of mind. Tenants have less concern about their Rv, personal vehicle or safety due to our safety & security protocols; We utilize a state of the art, high definition night vision surveillance camera system.  We do frequent walks and visual inspections of the grounds throughout the day as well as view camera footage when necessary to ensure tenants safety. Bottom line, we pay attention so our tenants can feel safe.

Although a small RV park, Bay Breeze is sought out by RV owners from all over the country for their RV space needs.

RV spaces that accommodate

With spaces ranging up to 42 feet in length, all utilities at the RV space, (including water, power, sewer and garbage) power pedestals with 20, 30, and 50 amp service, we can accommodate a wide variety of Class A & C motor homes, Travel Trailers, and 5th wheels.

Convenient payment options

Tenants use our state of the art online payment system making rent payment hassle free.

A background in real estate management

Our teams management experience spans over 35 years. We use this experience to serve our tenants better and constantly improve our processes with the ultimate goal to provide a great experience at Bay Breeze.

If you are in need of an RV space, please contact us;

Call us at 707-276-6816, or email us at