Bay Breeze Rental Rates

Bay Breeze can accommodate the following Rv’s up to 42 feet in length:

  • Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel, Motorhome (Class A RV)
  • We do not accommodate camper van type RV’s, or class C RV’s.

  • Standard space: Up to 33 ft in length.  $900.00 monthly.                                           
  • Premium space: Up to 45 ft in length.  $985.00 – $1,185.00 monthly.
    • Rental prices are subject to change and can vary depending on additional space amenities, such as additional parking, wider spaces, etc. Please contact us for exact pricing and availability.

Additional Information

  • We can accommodate various rental terms (lengths of time), please inquire with your needs.
  • Security deposits are typically equal to 1 months rent, and can vary based on credit.
  • Utilities are $88 per month flat fee in addition to space rent; includes water, sewer and trash service. Tenant is responsible for Electric (Pge) and their own propane if needed.
  • Application fee of $49 for credit/background check.
  • Rv’s age and condition requirement: Must be no older than 20 years, structurally and visually in good physical condition, and currently registered.
  • Pets allowed: Either; 1 indoor small breed dog (non aggressive), or 1 indoor cat. Pets must have their immunizations and records to verify.
  • Premium spaces typically have room to accommodate 2 personal vehicles. Standard spaces have room for 1 standard vehicle.
  • *Rental rates may vary and are subject to change depending on time of year, or additional space amenities.

Application Process

  • Please Email or call us to request an application at or call us at 925-364-5280 for space availability and an application.   ** Include your RV type, Size and preferred move in date.
  • Applications are processed quickly but can take up to two business days.